About Global Client Solutions

Since 2003, Global Client Solutions has been providing an effective account management program by serving as an intermediary between consumers and debt settlement companies. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Global Client Solutions acts an independent third-party processor for debt payments. The company has no legal affiliation to any debt settlement company, but instead offers consumers a way to save funds that can be used to pay off their debts in a safe and timely manner. The intermediary’s accounts are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and debt settlement companies have the ability to view accounts in order to be assured that funds are being accrued. However, because there is a total separation between the consumer and the settlement companies, consumers retain control of their accounts.

Global Client Solutions works by allowing consumers to deposit funds into an account in any manner of ways: by check, automatic withdrawal, money order, wire transfer, or ACH transfer. When consumers and their debt settlement companies agree on their terms, Global Client Solutions delivers the accrued funds to the creditors. No money is sent to a creditor until an agreement is reached. Consumers have access to these special accounts, which Global Client Solutions calls “Special Purpose Accounts,” at any time, day or night, year round. Every month, the consumer receives an account balance statement, along with a history of transactions. The consumer also retains control of the fees paid out to the debt settlement company.

For debt settlement companies, the transparency of Global Client Solutions’ Special Purpose Accounts allows settlements to be initiated and executed with complete knowledge that adequate funds are available for such a purpose.